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The Valley lost our songbird recently. The untimely death of Wesla breaks my heart; I'd become a 'groupie' of hers in the '80s after hearing her in a little club in San Francisco, soon after she began crooning again, following the horrific senseless shooting that left her partially paralyzed and appropriately bitter.

I had never heard the American songbook sung with more passion and was hooked.

When she met Mike Greensill, the love of her life and true partner in every sense, a new joy and peace and great passion filled her words and her music.

Imagine my delight when they settled in St. Helena several years ago and found a home at Silo's. It's rather ironic that Wesla died a week before Valentine's Day: no one 'got love' like Wesla, lost love, dreamed-for love , remembered love. She could bring back the magic with a phrase, and help with the tears.

Wesla loved '"Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and now birds are indeed flying over the rainbow, but she is flying with them, free and no longer in pain.

To Mike and all who adored his treasured lady, hugs and love. We were so blessed to have spent any moments hearing that magical voice, sharing in the joy she found in the music and brought to our lives.

Carol Fink