The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candies in the United States. has analyzed sales figures from the past 13 years to find America's favorite Valentine’s Day candies. . According to the analysis, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate took the top spot in 2019 and 2020. Overall, the assorted chocolate treat is favored in 19 states. . Conversation hearts came in at a close second and were found to be the favorite in 14 states. . Originally the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, conversation hearts fell from their top spot in 2019 because Spangler Candy Company paused production. Their absence led to a 24 percent drop in conversation hearts sales and made room for heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to take the lead. . In 2021, Spangler will be back with all-new sayings on their conversation hearts, making it likely that they’ll once again sit at the top. . M&Ms came in third place, taking the top spot in eight states including Arizona, Iowa and Maryland. . The chocolate morsels have been gaining ground over the years, landing new #1 spots in North Dakota and Oregon in 2020. . Hershey's Kisses were the favorite in four states, and chocolate roses only reigned supreme in two states, Kentucky and Wyoming. . discovered that chocolate hearts were the #1 choice in Maine and candy necklaces were the #1 choice in Alabama.