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Try These Heart-Healthy Activities Instead of ‘Standard’ Cardio

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Try These Heart-Healthy Activities Instead of ‘Standard’ Cardio. It’s not surprising that those with an active lifestyle enjoy benefits such as a healthier cardiovascular system, better oxygen flow and lower blood pressure. . Thankfully, you don’t have to participate in “standard” cardio fitness, like running, swimming or cycling, to achieve these benefits. . Here are six activities outside the cardio-norm that will get your heart pumping just as fast. . 1. Going for a brisk walk that's fast enough that it raises your heart rate, but slow enough that it's still easy on your joints. 2. Doing high intensity household chores like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. 3. Adding “active commuting” to your day, such as taking the stairs or walking to your destination. . 4. Performing strength-building activities, such as yoga or lifting weights, two days a week. 5. Letting loose with fun activities like dancing, hula-hooping or pickup basketball. . 6. Adding “exercise snacks” to your day, such as a 10 minute jump rope session

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