Napa's postal service hero

Napa Postal Carrier E.J. Aguarin, right, was honored at a short ceremony at the Trancas Street Post Office Friday morning for helping a customer on his route earlier this month.

Aguarin noticed mail piling up in an elderly customer's mailbox and alerted a neighbor whose son called 911. Emergency responders discovered that the man had fallen inside his home several days earlier and had been unable to get up. The man is now recovering in an area hospital. Napa Postmaster Juliana Davison, left, said the incident reflected the intimate relationship that carriers often have with their customers.

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US Postal carriers have a extremely difficult and hard job delivering our tons of mail each and every day. They all are to be commentated and recognized in all their hard working and very valiant efforts putting up with yard dogs and other people's issues. I want to personally recognize a postal carrier who is a female named April. I don't know her last name. She is the sweetest and kindest young lady on our route in and around the Imola Ave area near Golden One Credit Union across from Napa State Hospital. She is kind and very much goes out of her way to help all of us she delivers her mail to in the 2000 block of Imola off of Shurtleff. She has rather long shoulder length light hair parted down the middle, and wears glasses. She delivers to Golden One Credit and 7-11 on Imola. She is one of the many who work for the postal service who does a job daily well done for all her hard and vital work loads every day the PS delivers our mail. My thanks also to Mr. Aguarin. Thank God for him.


BRAVO, Napa Postal Carrier E.J. Aguarin!!! Too many people would have just kept on walking, not wanting to get "involved."

Being a very "senior citizen, I tend to compare the behavior of my generation with today's generation when it comes to automatically stopping to help someone who needs are my hero!!


Napa's postal service hero deserves our praise, and a cash prize from the NV Register would be a nice touch as well. Too many people would have just walked away to avoid getting "involved." Way to go, Mr. Aguarin

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