alucawanza commented on California's students lose again

The five premises of this article are not factual. Period....

alucawanza commented on Vote yes to support schools

I don't think this would allow the schools to teach the number of required minutes per day in California. I remember this was done in American Canyon schools in the late 60s. It was called double session. Only K-3 were involved. Right now kindergarten is taught in a double session in man…

alucawanza commented on School lunches: what an outrage

Who organizes that contingent of volunteer parents? Who orders the food? Is there a kitchen at each school? How much does it cost? Who clears the parents to work in the kitchen? The big question: Where does the money come from? How is it organized? Does every school have an operating…

Like the guy who said, "Read my lips." ???? lol

alucawanza commented on Why keep passing more taxes?

Glitter? There is a new high school in American Canyon. The football stadium was rebuilt. Schools were upgraded. No glitter involved.

alucawanza commented on Oppose school bond measure

A few questions for you Arlene:
*Please be specific and tell us which administrators are unneeded. Where is the waste. Where are the examples of salaries not being comparable to districts of the same size in California?
*Which programs produce negligible results? What are the resu…

alucawanza commented on Pick your torture: Trump or Cruz

Here is Bernie's tax plan. Just so you know the real deal:
No detainees have been freed since January. Did they go to Belgium?
More illegal immigrants have been deported by President Obama than …

Republicans won't raise the minimum wage. People working 40 hours a week need food stamps. Doesn't seem reasonable to me. BO care is working. 10 million newly insured. High guy in ISIS killed yesterday. Since coming to office in 2009, Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 milli…

Really? What man did he call a bimbo? What man did he call a pig? What man did he accuse of bleeding "out of everywhere?" Trump is the sexist. If you don't think he is a sexist, you are entitled to your OPINION...

alucawanza commented on Split roll would harm California

Or maybe the profit would just be less... That's why more discussion is needed.

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