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best nana commented on Mayor Techel endorses Brian Kelly

Maybe Mayor of Napa is in a relationship with Kelly. that's wht is on the streets

So true. If they were all in English we would not have any problem

It was 5 acres and a house then they built a huge estate and ran out of water. These are the people who started getting recycled water out to the Coombsville area.

And what about tinting the jury pool

The city can do what it wants, they move money around all the time. Been there done that

Why does the city put out one dime. the BMX track at Kennedy Park was built with donated time, equipment and if there was expenses the parents who started it paid for it. Complete waste of money. Put that money on roads.

You would think, but everyone that wants to hook up will pay an assesment, then pay to hook their property up and pay so much per acre feet of water they use. The Gorneys that have pushed this for years bought a large piece of property, planted probably an acre of landscaping, where there wa…

I live in Coombsville and no one has contacted me for my vote, so here it is....NO NO NO.
If the supervisors are so concerned about water here I suggest put a hold on any new building or vineyards as was done a few years back.

best nana commented on Napa plans to step up recycling

Republicankid- everything you put in your blue toter is recycled (sold) by the garbage company,
byfield- you do not need to separate items, just put them in your blue toter and they get separated by the garbage company.

Donna Hawkins said the building is only know for her mothers death, but it is not. The building was known for the businesses that were there first.

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