Exactly. All being well, it will be Legal for all in CA -:))

Thank you for you post. Hope to see more comments . . .

Superb ... Congratulations and look fwd to the opening .... hopefully affordable for us working locals ... Please.


Roundup ... Monsanto et al ... cancer clusters have been a problem for decades. Corporations are Not interested in our health as I'm sure you all aware of ...


Excellent point. It's only the locals that really feel the pain of the traffic and lack of community.

As the traffic continues to intensify and the tasting fees go higher and higher, the law of decreasing marginal returns will naturally come into play . . .

Without traffic circles to keep the wheels moving and help prevent the numerous collisions with vehicles (often fatal) 'trying' t…

Too much noise from the neighbors is the problem. And specious talking points from the same old detractors. I would suggest the fast driving is done by the locals not visitors at least from my empirical knowledge.

Please leave these hard working Family alone!!

Thank You RES51 . . . Prohibition has NEVER worked and fills the coffers of organized crime such as The Kennedy's and more recently the Mexican cartels . . . Sonoma on the other hand is notably progressive as is Marin and Mendocino . . . Napa seems to be stuck with a very narrow mindset.

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