I thought American Canyon was worried about water? How does this fix their water problem. Traffic is going to be horrendous. Great job city council.

I saw a sign that says hate is not a family value. How is protesting abortions hate? And I am for a women's choice.

crooked6pence, most wineries use ponds or reclaimed water to water the vines.

Enough of the striking!!! If you don't like it get another job.

glenroy, are you serious? A mulligan? My buddy blew a .09 and he got a DUI, lost his license and had to go to class. This is a .30 with a hit and run.

This was my first Tea Party event, and I am really puzzled why people were protesting. There was no racial slurs being said and there was no violent acts being encouraged. The whole motto was for the Governemnt to spend within their means. We as Americans have to do it. All the people I saw …

Good Job Ramon, way to keep St.Helena safe.

Reading all of these comments just proves that the majority of the people agree with this law. It's like this all over the country. Did you guys know that it's against the law to protest the Mexican Government if you are not a citizen? I support Arizona and when Meg wins we will soon have this law.

This is why we need the death penalty. That little girl will be screwed up for life.

c1067 commented on Firefighter hurt in wreck

What is this going to cost the taxpayers? If the truck is valued around 400 to 500 thousand dollars, it really means 1 million. Maybe they will start charging the people to respond to 911 calls to pay for the truck. Glad nobody was hurt.

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