Me too! Great letter, Mary!

coigue commented on Vote yes on Syar expansion

This is a loophole against the will of the voters when they enacted measure P and J. Ag/Watershed land is supposed to be in the hands of the voters , not the County Supervisors.

coigue commented on County: Keep hands off Skyline

Great view! Please know that two citizen groups are appealing the Syar expansion that will RUIN the park forever. It's an end-run around Measures J and P.

Pedroza takes $4000 from Syar, and he will be hearing an appeal to the Syar expansion on March 22nd. Will he recuse himself from this obvious conflict of interest? He can use the Napa airport like everyone else.

I thought Jeri Gill was interested in sustainability.SMH

Peggy J. There is a conflict in the General Plan because 18.120.10 allows for mining under a Permit BUT

18.020.030 outlines permissable permits in AW, and mining isn't there.

So 18.120.10 says get a permit
18.020.030 says you can't get a permit

My point is that the SMP must first be issued. Given overwhelming support of Measure P by the public, the Board of Supervisors (as elected officials) may want to think carefully about being the first Napa politicians to open up AW zoned land to mining. Is this really a precedent that the pub…;;;;

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