This report is misleading on several accounts. It would have been nice if the reporter had interviewed workers at the county shelter or any of the many volunteers who spend time caring for the dogs, cats and bunnies there. Like any ballot initiative, get the facts before you sign anything.…

Napans don't own the pink slip to this post office just like we don't own the pink slip to the widening of Jamison Canyon or the Napa River Flood Control Project. Tax payers from across the country pay for these, along with us. Bad analogy, Berkeley.

Huge mistake. Do any of these decision makers live, work and even walk downtown? You now take your life into your own hands trying to cross 2nd street. You can't see the two-way traffic around parked cars until they are right up on you. I've heard numerous crashes out of my window on Scho…

Did I read this right? Her replacement is a woman who was just arrested for a felony? Whaaaat?

danawest commented on Beware tax scams, DA warns

Scammers are also calling Napa residents and telling them that their home has been foreclosed and to send money. Not only is it harassing but also concerning that some elderly homeowners may unwittingly fall for it.

We need local businesses like Don P's. It's sad to see Napa slowly turning into an artificial tourist town.

OMG people, who cares if it is part French Bulldog or part Italian Greyhound! It's a great story and an amazing job by the Napa Police Dept. Kudos to officer Sedgley and her team.

Um, circa1958, if you are suggesting that apples are one color and oranges are another, them, um, yes.

Wow. Do you really want to go there? That's a pretty ugly accusation. Can't help to think this is coming from the opponent's corner though I'm sure tsgets will strongly deny it. I have a good friend who went to Notre Dame and has an Irish flag in his office. If he would run for a city c…

I'm sorry but leadership in my book means getting things done by working together, not more partisan gridlock like you are supporting with your "my way or the highway" brand of politics. Sorry Charlie, you won't have my vote. Semper Bye. Dana

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