The last time I applied to build an affordable inlaw type unit on the rear portion of my large lot the fees were going to be $35000. The project was dead on arrival because of those high costs building permits and fees.

Great job Dianna. You are the type of productive person that moves societal assets in a positve direction constantly. We appreciate you!

danfromnapa commented on County lauds lower housing allocation

I was going to build an affordable infill 8oo square foot rentle on the rear of my large lot. My costs to build were $75,000. Building permits and fees were going to be $40,000. The project was stopped right there.

This is no ordinary person/kid. First Christian did very for itself to get him to attend their school. Five minutes in the kids presence and you'll see he an extraordinary leader of good character. If any of his attributes rub off on the rest of the student body it will be positive. He will…

This project is an absolute must. This park possibly is one of the 3 most used parks in this town. The park needs to be partly designed by some of the users themselves.I'm a 50 year old, so have no personal interest. I firmly believe that from what I see that this is a highly used park. It a…

one way streets and parking meters. those are two sure-fire ways to kill a downtown. can't wait till they are gone.

Give them the max! this has got to stop.

danfromnapa commented on Planners approve housing at Napa Pipe

Traffic will be bumper to bumper from Imola/29 to soscol and all the way down to American canyon. The EIR even states this.

I would never get involved with the perpetual waring tribes of the Middle east.

I realize the police in Vallejo are doing their best with the assets they have. I don't have any evidence of corruption. Given what I see going on in plain site, I'm amazed.

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