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Downtown Local commented on Welcome to our new look

It appears the text is smaller font and maybe more difficult for some to read. Also, the margin is obviously larger for potential advertising (not like there's anything wrong with that), but I usually like the content. Overall, it feels like the local news (not including American Canyon) i…

Downtown Local commented on Feds sued in battle over lake resort

The BOR has complete rights to do what they did (Landsharkpizza is right). Resort trailer owners/landlords knew the contract was to expire. Read the contract before you get involved in a deal that you know will expire soon (no pity). Resorts didn't own the land, they just polluted it. If…

Downtown Local commented on Napa's jobless rate drops

Try adjusting to "non-farm payrolls" which heavily impact Napa employment rates! I wouldn't have much confidence in these stats.

Healthcare costs aside, these union members should take a 5-10% pay cut to match the sacrifices made by others in this economy.

Thank you, witness! Garcia is lucky that you were the one who saw him. I hope he spends many hours cleaning up the remaining filth put up by his cohorts.

Downtown Local commented on Dogs face death after biting man

It looks as if the conservator of the estate needs to start writing checks to a lawyer, then checks to the plaintiff litigant on behalf of the conservatee. The judge would hopefully never allow the homeless owner to ever own another animal and send them to prison, or else this will escalate…

There's no sob story here. Blame the overpaid management of the teacher's union. 'Twas bound to happen and hopefully it's not over yet.

Downtown Local commented on Pit bull attack sparks fear, outrage

Almost the exact same situation happened a year ago to a friend in a nearby city. Luckily he had a pocket knife and stabbed the pitbull until it released from his leashed dog. The police didn't file any charges even though the pitbull eventually died. It's obvious who's in the wrong here …

Downtown Local commented on More than grapes in Napa Valley?

Sustainability in farming is not measured by diversity, but by economic viability and efficient farming. Various crops may require more inputs per acre (energy and nitrogen for tomatoes) or loss of value per acre (grain crops). Additionally, there are few mills or canning facilities nearby…

Downtown Local commented on Wiggins' new outburst draws concern

For what reason is she still representing us? Please vote her out if you disagree with this situation. Why would we keep her? If it's this easy to be a politician, no wonder California is messed up.

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