Get them out of their cars and walking the beat. Old school works. No need for big brother tactics and the associated costs.

Nope......time for lawsuits.

The additions of McMansions would be a violation of CEQA. This issue was brought before the Planning Dept numerous times and has been ignored or dismissed. Look to the Hall's project in Healdsburg and you will see the come-along McMansions.

One word.....CEQA. Napa County's Planning Dept, Planning Commission and Board of Supes have been circumventing this protective vehicle for far too long. Reviews paid for by applicants are slanted towards an industry that rules the Valley with it's iron grip. The wine industry needs to be res…

Should have gotten rid of the winery and kept the bocce ball.

This is an obscene 'ask' by the Supes. If they want monies, they should pre-sell the existing jail property. The top-location property should cover most of the cost.

With incumbents Luce and Pedroza receiving $$$$ from the Palmaz family it's going to be interesting to see if both men recuse themselves from voting on the Palmaz helicopter permit. That would be the proper thing to do. My $$$ says they don't recuse and that both approve the permit. Let's wa…

Agree with your position Mr. Chiarella but $$$$ = Supe Approval in this County. Follow the votes, then follow the $$$$.

Dodd's not a Supervisor....he's in the State legislature...and grooming Pedroza for the same. The County (that includes Supes, Putin Boy) are asking the State for $$$. They can just as easily ask for the cap to be increased. Do us all a favor and leave your snide BS home with your ignorance …

I disagree. Both Dodd, and his hand-picked successor Pedroza, could very easily go before the State and seek to increase the annual tax limit beyond the current $10. Clearly that's the quickest and most reasonable path. But, nope, they will keep pandering to the wealthy Agri-crats of Napa Va…

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