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I'll bet their happy. Probably have an upcoming reservation for a solo train car. Maybe even the Panoramic section. To much Media hype from the BLM coalition and great timing.

Fleece Finder commented on Boycott Safeway, shop Lucky

Just have the City and County pull the permits for the Safeway Open at Silverado and spend the 6 million dollar purse on a new Senior friendly shopping Emporium with plenty of space for businesses that cater to the nearby Centenial demographics. Johnny Miller would love to lend his community…

Gee to bad all our millions of dollars in tax money in Downtown will evaporate in the next 5 years to the old one way Downtown. Perhaps the City Father's should slow their roll and get realistic. At least will have the Archer Senior Retirement high rise that the City can take with Eminant Do…

Fleece Finder commented on 'Wheel of Fortune' dream comes true

The minimum prize in the Bonus Round is $33,000.00 indicating their 33rd year. That would be 1983 not 1975. Vanna White was 25 when she started the day time version of the Wheel. She is now 59.

Looks like a beautiful skate park. Are nearby restaurants being charged for exterior seating expansion because they will it all and have none for strolling locals. Another pie in the sky idea. Maybe a bridge to the new Blue Note. Get a grip

Kind of looks like a renovated Connor Hotel without 1 hour rooms.

Yes I agree. All vineyard growers should be required to tent their vineyards prior to spraying and not remove them until cleared by an EPA inspector.

Looks like the upvalley money is dictating Downtown Napa. What has Beckstoffer done with the old Shushi building NOTHING just like Fagiani's NOTHING but For Lease Signs. All for NOTHING. Maybe a Wolworths Coffee shop for the Hotel guests. No I'm sorry locals only.


So this guy see's your ATM card for less the 10 seconds and memorizes
your 16 digit card number and withdrew $700.00 ya right. He would make more money in Vegas.[ninja]

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