Keep up the good work Napa PD. Thanks for keeping our community safe. I can't even imagine the stress these guys endure while serving warrants. Stay safe!

@Mashed Potatoes, I haven't lived in the Napa long enough to know the whole history of AmCan. What I can say is that when I have to drive through AmCan, it definitely does not feel like the "Gateway to Napa", more like the "Gateway to Vallejo". I'm not sure why they don't…

My question is why did the city wait until now to refinance the bonds. Rates have been low for several years, which could have saved residents even more money. Sounds like someone in AmCan is slacking instead of looking out for the best interest of the residents. Thankfully I live in Napa, o…

Flkeys1998 commented on Missing 'moose' head returned

My vote is for Alston Park. It belongs back in the neighborhood, not at a bar.

Flkeys1998 commented on Costco submits application to county

I'm excited about the future Napa Costco. You can't beat their hot dog and soda for $1.49.

Flkeys1998 commented on DUI patrols planned for this weekend

Sound great! Go get Em Napa PD.

Great job Napa PD. I would like to see more of these DUI checkpoints if possible. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing.

Pleasures Unlimited is being booted from there 2nd St location. Maybe this location could be its new home.

I'm all for a change in Napa's downtown. I think people should get give Holcomb a chance before shooting him down, just because he's not renewing a few leases. I'm sure if people really need some new adult toys they can drive to another adult oriented store, or order it online.

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