There is also a thing called payroll tax, the more you dedicate to payroll the more it costs you.

Lessee real easy to read the pie chart at site; education gets over 60% of the entire state budget. And you were saying?

Should of, would of, could of saved lives? How about this secenario: if all of the victims of terrorist violence had concealed weapons more of them may be alive.

Agree with the letter writer 110%. This is not the first time that interlopers to the Napa Valley have caused difficulties for local business, they should have easily been grandfathered in.

Merrick Garland is not a "moderate", he's more left than the current liberals on the Supreme Court.

fmmt47 commented on No bids for Berryessa! Why?

In answer to your question: "If the government could pay millions to demolish the lake resorts why can’t they pay millions to construct new basic infrastructure like launch ramps, power, water, sewer facilities? Will they be allowed to reject reasonable bids just to continue interim con…

Gee, it's not like the Democrats have ever been obstructionists when an appointee comes up for nomination.

Yeah, right buddy...

Who paid you to write this hit piece, the Koch brothers?

Gee, if the MTC designated the 6 million dollars for road repair wouldn't that be great?

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