Those who push the false narrative that somehow a law will keep a cyclist safe, are partly to blame for the accidents that result.

Rural people already pay more than city people. Haven't you heard of property tax?

These globalists used our government and banking system to crash the housing market so they could come in and buy at a discount. This story is an attempt to put a nice, happy spin on what's really happening. Some of us have a problem with that.

Meanwhile, under the guise of "weather modification" the government sprays thousands of tons of pollutants into our skies. Where are you BAAQM? I thought you were supposed to care about our air quality.

We're supposed to believe that JFK's head lurched in the direction the bullet came from on impact. This alone shows the official version to be a complete fabrication.

gettingreal commented on Surge in tourism aids city budget

With the one to two lane street changes and roundabouts it's obvious that they are creating new ways to waste money. Why do we still have potholes?

Stop making excuses. We all pay taxes. So where did the money go?

"Your town" thought it was a good idea to put traffic lights on our freeway. You could have put an overpass, but no! Your incompetent planners should pay us for the time we spend sitting in the traffic your town created!

Don't worry gliderman. They remove the large pieces and toilet paper before they send it out.

The TPP also plans to severely limit what we can do online by perverting copyright laws. Isn't globalism wonderful?

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