I don't mean to sound rude but this is a very confusing article.

What a great idea!

I do love their salsa!

Bill you may a point. Although, think if the dmv. Why isn't there one in St. Helena or calistoga? Look at Bel air plaza. Why would they put all that back there? Who even can GET To pet food express? I see both sides, it's just crazy watching Napa change.

Hasavoice commented on Napa County reports first flu death

Employers should protect healthy employees from the flu. This is a good step but it's not enough. Almost every flu Iv had in the last 8 years has been working with someone who was sick.


Hasavoice commented on Napa County reports first flu death

Everyone I know that has been sick this year got the flu shot. I did not. I get it every other year and those years I get sick. Coincidence, maybe but it's a fact.

The wine is possibly bad by now. My guess is it was stored improperly at one point. Recovered cooking wine!
How did they find it?

Shipping info locally?
Employees family information?
Isn't receiving stolen property a crime?

I'm happy for anyone's aid to education although, why can't I get financial assistance? Because they are just now helping? It seems like we all should be offered the same break.

We need
-Apple store
-bj's restaurant.
-chillies restaurant
-macaroni grill.
- dsw
- Tj max

What's funny is I'm still getting my purchases put in plastic bags here and there! I forget until I get home and realize wait.....I use them to clean the cat box. Now what?

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