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Jesse Duarte

St. Helena Reporter


Jesse has been a reporter for the St. Helena Star since 2006.

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Hi leftofleft, this is Jesse Duarte, the reporter who's covering this from the news side. Nobody is proposing a separate bike lane on the Pope Street bridge itself. As you said, the bridge is much too narrow for that (although bikes are already allowed to share the bridge with cars, using th…


Hi mikelee94574, this is Jesse Duarte. I'm the reporter who compiles the Star's weekly police log based on the police department's twice-daily logs. You raise a good point about ongoing investigations that aren't included in the PD's own logs, but I can assure you that "watering down&qu…


This is Jesse Duarte, the reporter who wrote the story. Good question, MarkMiwords. Based on my admittedly inexpert use of Google Maps, I'd say Commissioner Kistner lives at least 1,500 feet, as the crow flies, from the nearest edge of Wappo Park. So she doesn't need to recuse herself on this one.


Hi, this is Jesse Duarte. I'm the reporter who wrote this story. I usually don't put a byline on my shorter stories.

If you want to see the school district's report, follow this link: (copy and paste it into your browser if necessar…

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