Get rid of the pit. Just provide an simple, open, flat, paved or cobblestoned area that people can adapt as their imaginations dictate and walk straight across without falling in or running in to something. In an urban setting, the eye needs the occasional long view provided by some open s…

Why doesn't the State just give it to the County? It's public land, public access, and public dollars either way.

Yay to the architect for a restrained, tasteful design instead of trying to make a "statement" with a bunch of sharp angles and plate glass.

Drain it. The Monticello valley should not have been flooded to begin with.

Historic or not, the existing building, with its pitched roof, round corner, and glass block has way more character and potential than just another flat-roof stucco beige nonentity. Re-use it!

Is that brick I see on the rendering? Good! I need more brick. Give me more brick!

This is how guns fall into the hands of those who shouldn't have them. They just steal them from "responsible" gun owners.

The State should just give the land to the County. Land owned by either entity is for the public good. The County is a political subdivision of the State, so they would in essence be giving it to themselves. Isn't the local agency (the County) a better judge of how best to use the land?

KidTulocay commented on Concentrate on real traffic problem

Alta Heights was not a roundabout but a traffic circle. It's about the diameter. Size matters.

KidTulocay commented on Concentrate on real traffic problem

Caltrans runs those.

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