Perhaps Napa should reserve judgment until there is actually a conviction.
Or shall we just read what law enforcement tells the Register and start forming the lynch mob?
Remember: Any of you can be arrested for anything and have your name, age and occupation slapped into the Register!

Bravo, David! It is fantastic to see a mid-ranged, high quality restaurant in Downtown Napa survive the crushing onslaught of the over-priced white table cloth boutiques, the monolithic mega-hotels, and the ubiquitous (and kind of obnoxious) wine bars.

Give me a Negra Modelo and a sh…

While I don't support unlawful driving, most of these folks are just trying to take care of their responsibilities, like feeding their family by working, or coming to court to take care of their obligations. (And the crippling fines for minor offenses). I am willing to bet that many of t…

Amazing. Does our Valley have to be all about gluttony all year round? There is a lot more to this exquisite valley than getting places as fast as possible or maximizing the number of spoiled, privileged, drunken epicurean we can fit on the roads.
These are events that promote fitnes…

So now that the American Canyon Police have let the world know how lucrative thefts from those hotel parking lots can be, I suppose we should expect more....

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