If you are not happy with the laws work to change them. But other than that we are a society that follows laws.

Is the proposal legal under current laws? yes or no? nothing else matters.

Is their plan legal under current Napa laws, Yes or No? That's it. That is all that matters. Stop wasting my tax payer dollars. I don't know if the answer is Yes or No but I know it has to be one of these.

I think there is more to this Chipotle situation. I think there is some kind of corporate sabotage going on. Not sure by who or why. But to find the same strain of bacteria on both costs with out figuring out exactly what food it came from seems very suspicious to me.


Technically it is the landing that is being opposed not the flying.

I'm going to file this under "tragedy adverted". Thank you for coming to your senses before something unchangeable happened. Oh yah enjoy your extra week off.

I live in this neighborhood and I support this project.

Mamyt commented on Reject myths about immigrants

What about the millions that are paid into the social security system by illegals who have just made up a social security number? Our country depends on the fact that millions are paid into social security by people who will never make a claim. It's our dirty little secret. Before you say …

The republicans are allowing Donald Trump to run rampant so when it comes time we wont think Jeb Bush is such an idiot after all. They are lowering the bar.