Besides the wineries did you remember the people? Its time for change. We need term limits. No more lifers, no more dynastys, no more career politicians living off the backs of the tax payers.

well there goes the fun spot on the lake. Why even go to the lake anymore. the day is coming when we won't be allowed on our lake. It should be drained and returned to the valley it once was before the gov showed up.

The old system was working just fine. No one is even going to the lake now. Another out of state failure comes to town.

People have been coming here from all over the world to make a buck at our (locals) (natives) expense. Now we have to put up with even more traffic and more people. Our representatives don't rep us at all. They are always ready to do the bidding of the money outsider people.

I was here when napa was a normal town. The mall has never worked. Return the streets will be a good start. Bring the mall into the town, not the town into the mall. Retro napa will be a positive thing, even with new stores and new ideas. I was here and all of the former stores were all fill…

Now put the streets back in. Return napa to what is used to be. A wonderful little town. The mall has always been a square peg in a round hole, it has never fit in napa.

I always wondered what a fish had to do with vets. memorial park. I think a real vet memorial is a better idea for the park. And who cares what the tourist think.

Selling perfectly good land for worthless cash is really against all good judgement. Perhaps a lease would be more appropriate. And if you turn that land into grapes you will also enjoy the 24/7 noise, spray, and traffic. As a native I know what I am talking about. If the trustees were act…

A war memorial is and will bring napa back to it center again, this is reality. People have died for us lets remember them, lets do it right in our face too.

Over the years the money to repair our roads was redirected to your pet projects. Now you want to raise taxes because of your past decisions. The sales tax is to high now. I note how much I spend on tax at every purchase, and I spend less because of the sales tax. Your just going to have to …

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