naparealestate commented on Support quality schools; vote yes on H

I needed a calculator for this one - $269 million divided by $250 per square foot (a reasonable cost estimate for new construction) equals 1,076,000 of new square footage.

They could practically rebuild every school in Napa for the bond amount.

Great letter! Maybe the next one can explain why St. Helena's broke...

What do you do with a winery (that has an excellent reputation I should say) who is serving 800 visitors/week vs. their 350 visitor/week permit? Clearly they didn't just wake up and say, "Hey we're serving an extra 450 people/week - How'd that happen".

I know the answer isn…

Let's just make sure the planning commission charges the developer in-lieu fees for parking that represent the full cost of building a parking space ($30,000/spot).

Sexy building!

So it costs $30,000 to build a parking spot ($12,000,000 / 400 spots) yet the planning commission is only having the developer pay $15,500 per spot in in-lieu fees. Genius!

You know what happens when you charge 50% of what it costs to build something? Nothing gets built...

naparealestate commented on Development would scar the land

Can this really be seen from Highway 29? I thought there was a ridge line that separates the development from Highway 29....

Our market peaked back in May 2006 - 10 years ago.

If you simply take a trend line and extrapolate out pricing in the early 2000s (before the bubble) and run it out to 2016 it's pretty much at today's pricing. So while prices were certainly in bubble territory back in 2006 they aren't…

naparealestate commented on Support Pedroza for Supervisor

As many people know, I live next door to Palmaz Vineyards and my daughter's window is about 1,500 feet from the proposed helicopter site. I'm the #1 opponent to the helicopter project for this personal reason alone. And cumulatively I don't want to see the skies full of helicopters like LA.<…

The people who say current regulations are adequate are mostly right:

-- ECPs create a plan to minimize / eliminate soil erosion and sedimentation into local waterways

-- Replanting trees at a 2:1 ratio does replace cut trees with new ones

Where I see the deficiency is wate…

naparealestate commented on Walt Ranch applicants following the rules

A better term than "following the rules" is "not doing something illegally". Doing something illegally should be grounds for fines, remediation, etc. But just because you proceed in a legal manner does not mean your project should be automatically approved.

I still…

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