It's amazing sitting in my backyard Be able to sing along w amazing bands I love it

Fantastic! Good job girl!

Bummer 🍀

How about our schools?

This is so wrong because I was faced with a pregnancy and no insurance. They helped set me up immediately with prenatal care and vitamins etc. until I obtained insurance. You can bet these ignorant people are scaring away frightened girls who need care but don't want to be met with a bunch o…

Cool!! Can't wait. I loved when Copperfields was mostly used books and there was a few cats strolling around.

Napkingirl commented on Manuel Dias Freitas

Manuel worked for my parents for years. Very nice man, sad to hear this. RIP

Napkingirl commented on 'Kitten' cute

Omg so cute!!!

Wow what great kids! Inspirational

Sad for her kids

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