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Old Time Napkin commented on Difficult choices in District 2

So what has Hinton actually accomplished in his life? His job is a medical marijuana consultant tell me that he has done nothing that qualifies him to be a county supervisor. What's his life experience? What does a medical marijuana consultant do? Does he sit around and test his own product…

The city was obligated to take the high bid. It's taxpayer money coming back to the taxpayers. We are not obligated to subsidize a book store.

Another bar and limited parking. it won't be long and people will not go downtown because there is no parking. It will all be used up by employees.

Old Time Napkin commented on Don't fall for pro-bond propaganda

Great letter, I made up my mind to vote no some time ago. I will be voting no on all bond issues ever since the new sewer fees got shoved down our throats. we are still paying on al the other bonds. Read your tax bills voters!

Good question Philly. If all is so good how come we are driving on roads you see in third world countries. The last thing we need is a 6 term supervisor who will give us more of the same. My vote goes to Derek Anderson who is not tied to the "good old boys" and is an independent thinker.

Old Time Napkin commented on Measure Y launches campaign

CCK, you are correct regarding our senior population. Children should be taken care of by the parents. I will be voting no in this measure simply because the money goes into the general fund and there's no guarantee it will be used for the stated purpose. If Ms. Cakebread feels that childre…

Absolutely a great choice. CP has benefitted this community for decades and is run by all volunteers.

If you look at the last few shopping centers that have been built , none of them have adequate parking. The planning department and council have continually allowed buildings to be built without sufficient parking. I guess people are going to have to accept poor planning or make some change…

Old Time Napkin commented on Frog's Leap seeking unusual winery approval

So this winery has exceeded it's visitation limits (another law breaker), but now wants to have even more visitors all in the name of jams and jellies. All these winery regulations have become a joke. We have the best politicians the wineries can buy. This expansion will morph into more wine…

5150, a Google search shows all states listed in the article are unionized states.

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