OldTimer2 commented on Make your voice heard to government

Why are we "beyond the point of no return", Rocketman? Our leaders are elected, our planning commissioners appointed by them.

Why must revitalization exclude necessary services and considerations for residents and workers such as parking and reasonable density requirements?…

OldTimer2 commented on Go slow on second-units plan

If the city says yes to second units in residential neighborhoods, without any lot size restriction or requirement for owner-occupancy of primary units, how can the city then turn around and say no to any developer who wants to put up units of any density? They cannot and will not.


OldTimer2 commented on California's students lose again

a teacher. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There seems to be no end to blaming workers of whatever stripe, with the failures of social policy or the systems that result. While these smoke and mirrors techniques take the heat off the institutions and leaders responsible, those without p…

OldTimer2 commented on Explaining plan for jail tax

Thank you, trustmejack for informing us that a general tax does not guarantee funds will be spent as described.

There was once a dime's worth of difference between the parties on social issues, now, sadly, I would put that at a nickle.

OldTimer2 commented on Boycott Safeway's corporate greed

Cerberus Capital will know all its Napa stores, including both Lucky markets and If Napans boycott both Lucky and Safeway, as they should, Cerberus will be making less money, hopefully a lot less money. Lowered profits will get their attention. If not, perhaps a group of Napans could be con…

Not at all unbelievable. Big money interests in Napa Valley will do everything they can to keep a person of Chris' courage and integrity off the Board of Supervisors. She is the only candidate capable of making a real difference on the Board of Supervisors.

OldTimer2 commented on Boycott Safeway's corporate greed

That's a great idea. Don't forget Lucky is also owned by Cerberus Capital Management, Safeway's new owner.

OldTimer2 commented on School lunches: what an outrage

I got so wrapped up in the subject at hand, I neglected to acknowledge your kind words about my previous post. I can only agree, it takes a good deal of time to research these topics, formulates one's thoughts and then write them intelligibly. Sometimes, it seems like a part-time job but so…

OldTimer2 commented on School lunches: what an outrage

Napa 1957. Yes, this is a local issue, and it is also a national issue. This is an issue that transcends party lines, yet it clearly illustrates why party and ideological lines exist. We cannot afford to ignore the roots of this local and national disgrace or another problem of similar cons…

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