Phillyball commented on Vote to protect our environment

In order to make changes, change our elected officials.
It's overdue. Vote out current members.

I don't believe an anti-tourist crowd exists in Napa. A few possibly.
Just a large group of local citizens who desire to not let this place be destroyed by a few short sighted people.

This is solely from tourist revenue.
It occurs virtually every year.
This valley isn't that big to spread it that thinly.
This is only tourist dollars generated.
Stop voting for more bonds, fees, taxes, ...

Phillyball commented on Measure Y launches campaign

Produce a plan specific for the children without prisons or parking lots tangled up with it. Then provide details of accountability of money and the protects it'll benefit, then I'll consider voting for it.

Phillyball commented on Measure Y launches campaign

Politics as usual. The same cry to get a random bill, proposition passed.
"What about the children !"

Don't turn this into a Dem or Rep issue. Members of both parties are all doing just fine financially. Before, now and in the future.
Why do people continue to vote for the same people??
Bank at the same location?
Support Safeway ?
FYI, those friendly people with the cookies…

Phillyball commented on Take care of parking first

I swore I'd never live in a place like So CA, where I too grew up, but Napa chose the identical growth models, and frankly the personality of So CA as well.
Sonoma is and has done it right.

"The bottom line is still the bottom line – the county is one of the best run fiscally in the state,” Luce said.

It's much easier to accomplish with the amount of tourist dollars we get.
Then why do we need an exorbitant amount of bonds on top of already passed bonds ??

The Giants have limited number of seats to sell, the Ferry can only fit so many customers in a boat. Hotels have a specific number of clients per night.
A winery is not Target, slow down the intake of alcohol.
It's physical space, traffic, noise and laws to prote…

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