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Red Dirt Town commented on Vote to protect our environment

Vote out incumbents.

Red Dirt Town commented on Measure Y kickoff

Wait it's taxes for the kids! No, no, no, it's for rehabilating good guys stuck in jail! Nope, it's about a new jail with groovy educational features! Oh, now we get it: it's about the County selling the land under the jail and selling out to developers for one more big gross hotel! Follow t…

Red Dirt Town commented on Defenses of Walt Ranch miss the point

Follow up Walt ranch project with the proposal to log out the forest above the Linda Falls Land Trust Preserve for conversion to vineyard. If we can not find a way to protect this stunning natural feature we are a cruel, self destructive greed filed county.

How did this get put on the ballot? We're signatures collected?

I am confused. Isn't this the tax increase for a new jail?

Red Dirt Town commented on Housing shortage is widespread problem

Well nobody at the Four Seasons site needs a house, they trucked workers in from Georgia. Putting them up in hotels until the send em home. So much for well paying, local jobs.

Red Dirt Town commented on Dodd, Thompson have earned your vote

Dodd worked overtime to push urban development in rural Angwin, threatening this rural forested mountain top. He regularly took out of district campaign contributions from developers and OPPOSED the citizens initiative Measure U. He is not good for the environment. Pretty funny those photo s…

Red Dirt Town commented on Difficult choices in District 2

The last 20 years have produced, traffic, too much winery expansion, no enforcement of existing laws and now garnered the wrath of locals burdened by the mess. Time to vote Hinton! Time to address runaway Winery expansion, vineyard development in the upper watersheds, degradation of city of …

To quote one local law breaker "there is no foul till the referee blows the whistle. ," plenty of small wineries are breaking the rules.

Red Dirt Town commented on Editorial Cartoon for April 10, 2016

Bitter beverage best paired with mining slag.

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