How sad: instead of dancing or reading we get yet another bar.

Diversifying crops and products is great. Building another production facility on Ag Land and adding still more visitors, not so good.

From the article: "[A]ttorney Ellison Folk of the law firm Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger describes potential negative effects that could result from allowing more visitors. The firm is representing neighboring property owners Nancy Hammonds and Charlotte Blank."

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Only in the upside-down world that Napa has become does cutting down 28,000 trees count as "saving" thousands of trees. The gold-rush mentality is leading to disregard for forests and water. It is madness.

correction - I should have said of the Editorials.

It is a fair point to observe that Dan Walters has been heavily featured in guest editorials. Just a quick look shows that he has had every second to third space available since the beginning of the year.

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My approval was not for Stc's comment but for the original post by Joelle Gallagher. We need affordable, proximity housing for all members of our communities. And that would be sustainable. We are out of balance now when the people who work here in Napa County
cannot afford to live here.

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City of Napa next, please!

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I would like to ask those posting in favor of the expansion - where is the empirical data showing how much aggregate we have used in Napa County historically (not just for 1 or 2 years), how much is needed to fulfill future needs within the County, and what are the existing reserves are in t…

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