Trailsman commented on Table tennis is good for you

So, Dan, and anyone else who might know, are there any places in the Napa Valley to play table tennis?

Considering the minimal ridership on these buses, essentially empty, this bus system is a waste, as it is. Perhaps it would be better to wait (a year or so) for a fleet of Google/Uber self-drive cars which can better fit the needs of the few passengers that these large buses currently carry,…

Trailsman commented on Stop the extreme noise pollution

CCK, we are in complete agreement. When a politician votes against the electorate's overwhelming best interest (on behalf of someone who just stuffed the politician's pockets with cash), then the bum is thrown out of office. Now that's logical.

Trailsman commented on Stop the extreme noise pollution

It is astonishing how sleazy some people can be, but a response to this is simple. Any supervisor that has taken money from the Palmaz family for this obscene proposal then actually votes for it, they're out of Napa politics for good. I think this could be considered a promise from the voter…

A great use of $12. The Bay has improved (some) from its toxic past, but it is also essentially devoid of life compared to the pre-industrial era. This is small step in the right direction.

NM5446, all your current outrage could have been applied equally well to the repeal of child labor, and also to just about any and all worker protection laws. But, more importantly and directly to your baseless fear, there are no studies showing that raising the minimum wage causes higher wa…

Trailsman commented on Plato's wisdom for today's election

No need to go back 2,400 years. This is an internet wisdom that's recently been echoing around right-wing blog sites. The 'Plato's Dialogues' is a new twist, though.

Freeport56, I just checked every last one of those 8 million plus links on the Google search you cited earlier, and there wasn't one from the FBI. Not a one, not a single fact or statement from the FBI. What I did find was a faux-news network stretching out into a mindless, fact-free oblivio…

Trailsman commented on A lack of economic understanding

A Minimum Wage law is simply a check on corporate greed; a way of pushing back some of the costs to society of providing the workforce corporations benefit from. Through wages directly, or through expensive social programs that you'll be moaning about next, people need enough to live on. And…

Trailsman commented on A lack of economic understanding

Thanks, Ken, for your heart-warming insight into simple arithmetic and hourly wages. The question that naturally follows from your assertions is how poorly do you think our fellow countrymen and women should be paid? And if that amount isn't enough to keep food on the table and a roof over …

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