Looking more and more each day that St. Helena is suffering from "Carmelitis"!

That's it! Widen The Pope Street Bridge!?!?
Kinda like Pratt.............

How about St. Helena and Napa County for that matter have a law that bicyclists can only travel in a single line instead of two and three wide? And most will not form a single line when traffic is behind them.
This wherever in town would help save space......
Fair is Fair?

SOIL NOT DIRT!! Dirt is what is between your toes and in your nose.........

"Granting agencies are interested in making things happen, not recovering costs of a project that wasn’t properly managed,” Phillips said."
Pretty much says it all.........

Great article!
Steve's is a true small town community treasure, one that I have enjoyed over the last 50 years.
Thank you!

Brownsvalley- Great idea! I would start with a $500.00 reward for each violation, second time the permit is revoked.
I am sure the funds can be sourced for this deterrence program.
Simple and to the point.

treeman commented on Selling the soul of St. Helena

Lets stop kidding ourselves, our "rural small town character" is long gone...........

Great information, and the first antidote comes to my mind is the importance of positive parental involvement at the earliest age possible.
Historically, it is has proven to be true...

It is my understanding that the starting six played the entire time except for some minor substitutions at the end of the final game.
Perhaps the Saints "Six" were simply worn out!
This I believe is a team sport, perhaps coach Benny can learn the term "rotation" t…

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