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I know the Register prides itself on printing letters to the editor, no matter the topic, but . . . really? Where is the journalistic value, the need for the public to know, in this letter? Just because it's submitted doesn't mean it needs to be printed.

Mr. Gottlieb's letter took an entirely different approach to the opposition of Justin's proposed Solano Square, and in my opinion, is an excellent analysis of the school's plan and attitude toward its neighbors. The overriding concerns of course, are traffic, noise and increased pollution. …

Well said, Mr. Teacher. Even if Kevin doesn't like President Obama's policies (and his comments tend to indicate he just really doesn't understand them) he should still have some respect for the Office, and refer to him properly as President Obama.

I'm in complete agreement with Mr. Anderson. Justin-Siena needs to be a responsible neighbor to the entire community. All Napans need to be aware of their proposal, and made cognizant of the negative impact it will create on so many different levels.

Hi Allie797. Picketing is an American tradition going back to the Labor Movement, and perhaps even beyond that. The idea is to get people's attention drawn to issues they might not otherwise be aware of. That is certainly the case here. Instead of becoming upset or irritated over people …

More power to the protesters. Justin-Siena's current plan for development of its property fronting Solano Avenue would create a nightmare for traffic, and would be environmentally damaging to the creek and wetlands running along Solano Avenue. Public safety would also likely be negatively …

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Chuckling every now and then is a good thing . . . you should try it sometime.

I'll endorse that sentiment too. BottleRock is a great event, and should be supported as a venue for the musical arts, even if you don't think the line-up is so great. Three years ago, we had nothing.
I agree that the first year's line up was pretty amazing, but as I listened to the …

triumph01 commented on Return the moose, please

If that's true, then it's only a matter of time before the thief/vandal is discovered. Trust me on hat one.

triumph01 commented on Return the moose, please

I completely agree. We can only focus on ISIS, Ukraine and a dysfunctional congress for so long. The moose head provided me with a small bit of comfort and a chuckle every time I drove by it. This was really a theft from the community as a whole. Whoever took the moose head should return…

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