According to court documents, the Edward A. Keith Foundation and two subsequent trusts using different names distributed a total of $38 million.

Tax documents from 2008 show that the fund made four donations that year, for a total of $31,700. Expenses totaled $78,886.

For example, the Napa Valley Opera House received $5,700, the Napa Emergency Women’s Shelter (now NEWS) received $500 and St. John’s Lutheran Church received $25,000. Westmont College, a Christian liberal arts college in Montecito near Santa Barbara and Celeste White’s alma mater, received $500.

In 2009, tax documents show that the foundation paid out a total of $295,000 to 15 recipients. Expenses totaled $417,684.

Donations included $55,000 to Westmont College, $50,000 to Calvary Chapel in Hawaii, $50,000 to Ligonier Ministries in Florida, $58,334 to K-LOVE Foundation of Rocklin and $25,000 to St. John’s Lutheran Church of Napa. Three other Napa County groups, Trinity Prep/Kolbe Academy, the Wolfe Center and the Opera house received grants of $200 to $630.

In 2010 the Edward A. Keith Foundation, now merged with the Bar 49 Foundation, gave $271,182 in donations, with expenses totaling $246,062. Donations included $100,000 to Westmont College, $50,000 to Youth with a Mission in Ventura and $50,000 to L’Abri Fellowship of Massachusetts. It donated $100 to the "AM Cancer Society" in Napa. 

In 2011 the Bar 49 Foundation gave $596,868 in donations. Expenses totaled $564,730.

Tax records for 2012 could not be immediately located. 

In 2013, the Valley Rock Foundation, formerly the Bar 49 Foundation, donated $532,151. Expenses totaled $478,933.

Donations included $375,000 to Westmont College. Local organizations received donations including Hospice of Napa: $35,100, The Napa County Medical Alliance: $500, Vine Village: $1,000, NEWS: $5,080, the Pope Valley Volunteer Fire Department: $500 and Community Resources for Children: $2,545. 

In 2014, The Valley Rock Foundation donated $891,093. Expenses totaled $415,044.

In 2015, The Valley Rock Foundation donated $7.2 million. The bulk of that was $5 million given to the National Christian Foundation in Georgia. Expenses totaled $234,669. 

When Keith died, his son-in-law Robert White noted that the Keith estate hoped to support Boys & Girls Club activities, specifically. However, in a review of foundation tax documents, no donations to any group using the name "Boys & Girls Club" could be immediately found. 


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