The fourth edition of "The English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry" is now available in an audio version accessible from smartphones and notebooks.

“The English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry” is now available in an audio form that is accessible from smartphones, notebooks, and computers.

The service is available from Spanish for Business, the Napa-based company founded by Jose-fina Adriance. The cost is $25.

“I am happy that, with this next step, users now will be able to hear the pronunciation of words as well as to read them, instantly, no matter where they are,” Adriance said.

“So many of my clients are viticulturists who spend a great amount of time in the vineyards,” she said. “While they may not keep a dictionary handy, they always have their smart phones. This gives them instant access to the right word when they need it.”

Adriance, a native of Madrid, Spain, who has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Spanish, moved to Napa in 1985. Perceiving the business community’s need for Spanish communication skills, she founded Spanish for Business, which quickly grew from a translation service into a multi-faceted organization providing manuals, classes, and online materials.

Because more than 90 percent of her clients were from the wine industry, she developed a program, “Spanish for the Wine Industry,” which included a vocabulary specific to winery and vineyard work, as well as human resources, marketing and tourism. She also created a program of English for Spanish speakers, English for the Wine Industry. In 2010, Adriance compiled her research into The English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry.

“Few English-Spanish textbooks or dictionaries have words such as as ‘pump over’ (remontar) ‘canopy management’ (manejo de la canopia) or `cult wine (vino de alta expresión),” she said.

The dictionary continues to grow, Adriance said. “I do a lot of translation for the wine industry and whenever I find a new word, I put it in the dictionary.”

Online clients always have access to the latest version of the dictionary, Adriance said. “If someone is looking for a wine-related term that is not yet in the dictionary, I would be happy to research and include it.”

Adriance has taught employees from nearly 100 Napa Valley wineries and vineyards through her classes, at wineries, in partnership with the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, and her office.

For more information about Spanish for the Wine Industry, visit the website spanishforwine.com.

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