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The distinctive, hand-made containers of Clase Azul tequila are often re-used as vases or lamps. 

Clase Azul Spirits' is marking its 20th anniversary with special edition, hand-made bottle of their tequila.

All of the Clase Azul Spirits bottles, however, could be called special. Each takes takes two weeks each to create and paint, and no two are alike.

Inside the bottles is a blend of reposado 100 percent blue agave tequila, aged four months in reclaimed bourbon barrels, then aged an additional four months in reclaimed sherry casks, which blends a special mix from Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso and Amontillado casks.

And, according to a press release, when the luxurious Clase Azul tequila is gone, an enterprising person "can get the toolbox out and turn it into a lamp, candle holder, a set of sipping glasses, or a vase for flowers. Another magical feature, the top of the bottle is a bell, keeping the magic inside the bottle." 

Prices range from $79.99-$1,799.

A  special collection, a Traves del Tiempo  retails for $450,000, and the Causa Azul Foundation donates a portion of the sales to the support of Mexican artists and artisans, providing them with training, equipment for their studios and supplies to as well as the means to take their artworks to exhibition sites.

Causa Azul believes that by "supporting these artisans we are stimulating and keeping the Mexican culture alive." 

In 2017 and 2018, Clase Azul Spirits were the official cocktail of the SAG Awards and Elton John’s Academy Awards party.

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