The World in a Glass is a lighter look at wines from Napa Valley and beyond, created by the late Jack Heeger, a wine writer and copy editor at the Register. It’s now written by Sasha Paulsen, who has been wine editor at the Register since 1999. 

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Reporters are always at their best when being wined and dined, and so it was a congenial group who had gathered at Joseph Phelps Winery where the assignment, this day, was to experience the launch of the winery’s new culinary program.

For the first time since it closed in 2008, I found myself back at grand dinner at Copia in Napa. The long, dark building has been brought to life again by the Culinary Institute of America, and is a happy kind of deja-vu to see the place alive again with energy and guests and servers all mi…

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