Flora Springs Winery & Vineyards announced that the campaign it launched in December 2017 to promote the establishment of a white wine emoji has been embraced by the global wine community with several petitions, including Flora Springs’ own, to the Unicode Consortium, the body that governs when and how such coding developments and updates occur.

It has been more than six months since Flora Springs began promoting the creation of the white wine emoji via its popular social media channels that includes a community of more than 100,000 people.

“It’s gratifying to see other wine companies follow our example of making wine fun and relevant with their own petitions and campaigns to establish a white wine emoji,” said Nat Komes, general manager of Flora Springs. “The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee encouraged us to work as a global community on the project. And these additional efforts of wine companies and, of course, white wine lovers around the world will help us reach the goal Flora Springs sought when we started this movement.”

Flora Springs’ campaign for a white wine emoji began in late 2017 when the winery’s social media ambassadors became frustrated that there was no emoji for wine other than a red wine emoji, although there are two beer emojis, a sparkling wine emoji and numerous cocktail emojis. The team decided to launch a campaign directed to its social media followers, using the hashtag #WhiteWineEmoji and linking it to Flora Springs through @florasprings.

Subsequently, Flora Springs created a white wine emoji graphic, distributed white wine emoji buttons and even developed a special white wine emoji–themed tasting and wine package at its popular tasting room in St. Helena.

The campaign caught on, with hundreds of Flora Springs followers and white wine lovers expressing their desire for a white wine emoji. In early May, Flora Springs submitted a nine-page petition to the Unicode Consortium, and also launched a Change.org petition to further boost support for the white wine emoji. At that point, the Consortium encouraged Flora Springs and the other wine companies that submitted petitions nearly simultaneously to work collaboratively on the project, as opposed to one company taking the lead.

“We are more optimistic than ever that the white wine emoji will become a reality, and that white wine lovers will finally have more than one digital wine icon on their smart phones,” said Komes. “As a small winery, we adopted social media early on as a way of personally engaging with our customers, and it’s wonderful to see that the community we built had such an influence on getting the white wine emoji campaign established. We still encourage white wine lovers to sign the Change.org petition. Who knows, maybe there will even be an option for pink wine lovers.”

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