Star-gazing at Bouchaine Vineyards begins on Aug. 18. 

Bouchaine Vineyards now offers a Vineyard Star-Gazing Experience, an opportunity to witness firsthand the night sky from the winery’s estate vineyards in Carneros.

Working with Wine Country Star Party, the Vineyard Star Gazing Experience uses 10- and 12-inch reflector telescopes to bring planets, nebula, galaxies, stars and star clusters up close for an educational, fun and often romantic experience.

The Vineyard Star Gazing Experience includes the guidance of two experienced professionals in sky watching with the assistance of two Orion Newtonian telescopes, one offering full computer control of the German Equatorial mount.

Binoculars and laser pointers are also used to help locate constellations. Guests can help direct the telescopes or star gaze from the comfort of a seated position.

Bouchaine is a good location for star gazing, being distant from any light pollution and located near San Francisco Bay in the Los Carneros AVA. Nighttime wildlife, the stars and the wine all combine to provide a memorable vineyard experience.

Upon arrival at Bouchaine, guests will be greeted with a glass of wine by candlelight and an introduction to telescopes and stars. For those curious about wine as much as stars, Bouchaine’s tasting room will compare choice verticals of chardonnay and pinot noir. Wine Club Members will receive a $15 discount on their tickets.

The first Vineyard Star Gazing Experience is scheduled for Aug. 18 beginning at 9 p.m. Additional events are scheduled for Sept. 8 and Oct. 6. All are available by reservation only: (800) 654-WINE or (707) 252-9065. Check the website for exact start times of additional events.

The cost is $85 per person.

Private Vineyard Star Gazing Experiences are available for groups of up to 25 for corporate outings and team-building programs. Dinner options are available for any private corporate group.

Family-owned Bouchaine Vineyards is located at 1075 Buchli Station Road, Napa.

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